6 BEST Website For Color Inspiration 

6 BEST Website For Color Inspiration 

Coolors.co is a web-based color scheme generator that allows users to create and customize color palettes for various design projects.

1. Coolors.co


Picular.co is a search engine for colors. Users can enter a search term and the tool will generate a list of related colors. 

2. Picular


Palette.site is a free online tool for generating color palettes based on uploaded images.  

3. Site Palette


Color Hunt is a website offering a curated selection of eye-catching color palettes with hex codes, serving as a valuable resource for designers and artists. 

4. Site Palette


Launched in May 2009 by Jessica Colaluca, the Design Seeds site served as a digital rendition of her color journals from her design career at Ford, Reebok, and Timberland.

5. Design Seeds


MyColor.space is an online tool for creating and exploring color palettes. Users can input a specific hex code or choose from pre-made color schemes to generate a customized palette 

6. Color Space