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Website Development April 25, 2023

Time Travelling Milkman

Picture a bunch of visionary researchers with an insatiable curiosity for the secrets hidden within the sunflower seed: oleosomes. And then, it happened—an electrifying lightbulb moment: our co-founders realized the untapped potential of these natural oil droplets in dairy alternatives.


Redesigning the "Time-Traveling Milkman" website means we're aiming for a refresh that embodies a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere. Our goal is to encapsulate the whimsical charm of the milkman. We'll focus on user-friendly interfaces, playful visuals, and captivating content that narrates the milkman's adventures.

  • Client

    Travelling Milkman

  • Design

    UX Design , UI Design

  • Development


  • Duration

    2 Months


The redesign focuses
on a joyful, user-
friendly interface

The primary motivation for the client’s decision to redesign their website stems from its initial simplistic and unappealing aesthetic. The original design lacked the sophistication, functionality, and visual appeal necessary to effectively engage visitors and convey the brand’s value proposition.


Improvements across key performance indicators (KPIs)


Average Page Views

Engagement metrics showed a notable improvement, with average session durations increasing by 45%


Traffic Increased

The website saw a significant uptick in visitor numbers, with a 32% increase in monthly traffic.

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