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7 Reasons that will reduce abandoned carts in your Ecommerce website


If you have an ecommerce website which is successful. But if there is something that cause customer to abandon your cart that leads loss to your business. There are several reasons for this but firstly understand that what is shopping cart abandonment? A customer enters the checkout process and leaves before completing the process of checkout. This is referred to as shopping cart abandonment, and this is one of the biggest issues that can harm your ecommerce business.
You think is it really hurting your ecommerce website? Yes, approximately 67% of online shoppers don’t go through with their purchase. It’s estimated that abandoned carts cost online retailers anywhere between a years in lost sales. This is not something which you can overlook if you see products and services online.

A product in the cart is never a guaranteed sale. There is no procedure that could get in the way of your customers completing their transactions. Cart abandonment is a sign that something is wrong, and you need to find out your shopping cart process, identify the issues that are preventing users from completing their transaction.

Statistia give 14 main reasons why shoppers leave without purchasing?


If you want to reduce these Shopping Cart Abandonment here a 7 steps:

  1. Clear Product images

Give clear thumbnails of the real products which the buyers is purchasing. Avoid simple text that describe what they are buying, it is important to show an image of the product. High and clear images will help your customers more confident in their purchase decision. Also make shopping cart products visible at all times as customers browse through your list of product. If you want to change a visitor into customer, then you have to make them confident in what they’re buying, so it is important to need a great product images to avoid the purchase resistance that comes from the product visualise inability.
Example- Reefanext provides high and clear image of their products with the larger version of the product images in zoom function.

Clear Image

2. Give trust factors

Statistia study above clearly showed that 17% of buyers don’t buy from online because they are concerned about security. If an online retailer gives the trust factors on their site, their sales increased 5-7%. Your first impression with consumers needs to the security, while keeping them on the site to find the product and details they’re in search of. It’s your job to make that trust almost quickly, you only have seconds to make that great first impression. It gives relief to the buyers that their purchasing of product is safe from hackers or spam. Trust factors such as security logos, industry credentials and certifications.
Example – Ordervenue provides the security to their customers. Their site is protected by the SiteLock which is the global leader in website security.


  1. Add social logins

Social logins gives 43% of the traffic sent to the shopping cart. These social logins help the users to get into your website using their existing social profiles and likely the account where they came from. Customers sharing your website brand with their friends is probably the important selling point of social connects. When users sign up via a social account, businesses access detail already on their social profiles, such as gender(male/female), age, relationship status(single, married, divorce etc), interests, and the others information. It reduce the work of users to sign up and filling the registration form and having one login for a number of services is extremely easy for the user.

Social Logins


  1. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping, these words attract the buyers. Free Shipping is a USP and most online stores sites offer free shipping on their high volume products. According to the survey it is found that 69% of buyers are likely to purchase from the online store if they get the offer of free shipping. Free shipping increase sales & revenue, it boosts average order value. Although it is not clear that free shipping offers help retain customers, many marketers thinks that there is a relationship between customer loyalty and offering free shipping.

Example- Ebay provide free shipping.

Free Shipping


  1. Eliminate hidden costs
    Be clear about all the price associated with the product. Don’t wait until the very end of the procedure to add on the tax and shipping prices. Give shoppers shipping costs and other hidden costs upfront — don’t give them a reason to cancel their order before they even check out. Unexpected costs is the reason which leads to the customer to leave without completing.

Example :- Planetjashn gives the genuine price, there is no hidden cost in their website and they provide free shipping.

Hiddent Costs

  1. Site performance

People don’t have the patience for waiting anything. If your site make them wait, they will find another option for their purchase or leave. Various factors make your site slow like large images, too many file requests from the server, low quality website codes and many more factors that slow down the website. Best things is that your site’s performance is in your hand and you have the all power to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment amongst your customers. Give more time on testing and refining to your site and shopping cart performance before going to live.

Pingdom is the free Website Speed Test to analyse the load speed of your websites. For example we checked the speed of the Flipkart website below:

Flipkart load time is 1.22s. If the load time is less than 3 then your customer will definitely browse your products.

Site Performance

  1. Provide multiple payment options

If you want a good ecommerce website give your customers multiple option when they making online payments. These payment options include credit card, debit cards, Paypal and many more. If you give these option than your conversion rate will increase. Online shoppers all have different expectations when doing online transactions so multiple options are necessary to meet all of their needs. Main thing is those Customers who pay bills electronically make instant payments that hit your account faster hence improved cash flow.
Provide an efficient and customer friendly payment options are leads to a successful online business.

For example- Amazon give multiple payment options.

Payment Options'
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Chris Isaak

These are some of the best Covers and Auditions for Wicked Games by Chris Isaac

The Voice - Russia (Anton Belyaev)

Wicked Game - Cover by Grace Vardell

Narcis Axinte- Wicked game

The Voice of Poland IV - Kacper Leśniewski

Emily B. Audition - Wicked Game

The Voice of Ukraine 2015 Andrey Pantyukh

Orignal Wicked Game - Chris Isaak'
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Top 10 Suits Songs

These are the top 10 Suits songs that every fan loves and suits discovered for us !

1.Barbarossa – Bloodline



2.Break The Silence – The Dig



3. Angus Stone – Broken Brights



4.Without You- Junip



5.Vaults – Poison



6.Gotye – Smoke And Mirrors






8.Leon Bridges – River

9. Sanders Bohlke – An Unkindness Of Ravens

10. Dawn Golden – All I Want

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Best holiday destinations in India

India is a land with huge tourism potential. It has temples, beautiful beaches, exotic rain forests, deserts, mountains and what not. This extreme diversity creates confusion among travellers as which place to choose for holidays. So we have compiled a list of 6 best holiday destinations in India

  1. Jammu & Kashmir: India’s sixth largest and northernmost state is one of the most beautiful places in Earth. It is known as Switzerland of India. So if your budget is low and your pocket is not allowing you to visit Switzerland then this is the place for you. Its exquisite cuisines, festive tea and heart-warming hospitality of people will make you not want to return to your home. If you decide to travel to Jammu & Kashmir them these are the must places that you should must visit GULMARG, SONAMARG, PAHALGAM, and SINTHAN TOP.
    jammu and kashmir
  2. Ladakh: Ladakh is a mountainous region situated in north of India. The beauty of Ladakh with snow covered peaks and clean blue sky has attracted travellers since it was open to tourists in the 1970s. Its majestic mountains and rugged terrains makes it an exotic destination for you to travel. Ladakh is also known for some of the Buddhist monasteries and gompas which symbolises the footsteps of Buddhism in India. If you want some adventure then you should visit Ladakh in winters.
  3. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Andaman are Nicobar are approximately a group of more than 570 islands in Bay of Bengal. These mysterious islands are presumed to be the land of Hindu God HANUMAN who is believed to stop there while looking for goddess Sita. It is a dream destination for eco-friendly tourists. The beaches in these islands offer you a beautiful view of ocean with interesting marine life and coral gardens. Besides the beautiful scenery of these islands you can also experience various adventure sports like Surfing and Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Trekking etc. The best season is from November to march to visit these islands. The best places to visit in these islands are BHARATPUR BEACH, LIMESTONE CAVES, MARINA PARK AND AQUARIUM and RADHANAGAR BEACH.
    andaman and nicobar
  4. Goa: The smallest state of India and the most exotic one with crystal clear water, miles of golden sand beaches and brilliant green landscape makes it the best holiday destination. You can go to the beach, can enjoy water sports, do swimming, you party and eat the delicious sea food. But the best thing about this place is that it is super economical in summers from hotel booking to flight tickets, from delicious food to sightseeing- you will get amazing discounts on everything. If you love natural beauty, delicious foods and adventure sports then Goa is perfect place for you.
  5. Kerala: Kerala also known as “Gods Own Country” has been selected by National Geographic Traveller as one of the places in list of 50 tours of lifetime. It beautiful beaches, peaceful stretch of backwaters and canals, an equable climate, lush green hill stations and exotic wildlife makes it a wonderful place to visit. The main attractions of Kerala are THE BACKWATERS, THE BEACHES, THE TEA PLANTATIONS, WATERFALLS and WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES. If you seek tranquillity and peace then this is the place to be.
  6. Rishikesh: Located in the Indian state of Uttrakhand near the foot of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is the 7th largest city of India. It is also known as “Gateway To The Garhawl Himalayas”. The Char Dham Yatra begins from Rishikesh. It rose to fame when The Beatles came to visit Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram (now closed).It is a famous tourist spot and major pilgrimage spot of the Hindus. Rishikesh is famous for its various yoga ashrams and shrines and for variety of adventure sports it offers to its visitors. The main attractions of this place are LAXMAN JHULA, THE BEATLES ASHRAM, NEELKANTHA MAHADEV TEMPLE, and SHIVPURI.
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