Top 9 Wordpress Free Contact Forms

Top 9 WordPress Free Contact Forms

These Top 9 WordPress Free Contact Forms is the best free plugins available on wordpress which helps you in different roles.

1.Smart Forms

smart form

Smart Forms is a very powerful and easy to use Form Build plugin. The form builder lets you create forms by simply dragging and dropping elements. The forms are responsive, they adjust to available space. You can style each form element individually.

You can easily create contact forms, feedback forms, questionnaires, surveys or any other kind of form, from the simple, to the complex.

If you need to display results of operations among fields (e.g. totals) you can do that with Smart Forms calculated fields. You can easily customize forms to do additional actions after a form is submitted – send a customized email (format it any way you want), show an alert, or redirect to another page. You can quickly view responses in the form’s entries screen.

2.Visual Form Builder –

visual composer

Visual Form Builder is a plugin that allows you to build and manage all kinds of forms for your website in a single place. Building a fully functional contact form takes only a few minutes.

3. Jetpack Contact Form

jetpack contact form

Jetpack is a popular and feature rich WordPress plugin with more than 30 modules. With these modules, you can add different features to your WordPress website depending on your needs.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is the ultimate FREE form creation solution for WordPress. Build WordPress Forms within minutes using Ninja Forms powerful forms creation page. It allows you to easily and quickly design complex forms through a drag and drop interface and absolutely no code. But for you developers it has a ton of hooks and filters so you can do absolutely anything with this powerful form building framework.

5. Contact Form Plugin

Contact Form Plugin

The best thing about Ajax Contact Form plugin is that you can use multiple forms, which can be inserted into your posts, pages, and widgets.

6. Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder is the best tool for quickly arranging a contact form for your clients and visitors. The form includes all of the form field types necessary to create a complete contact form, where is those can be activated and deactivated, as well as rearranged. The responsiveness of the product allows you to become available for contacting using various gadgets.

7.Contact Form Clean and Simple

Contact Form Clean and Simple

This is a straightforward contact form for your WordPress site. There is very minimal set-up required. Simply install, activate, and then place the short code [cscf-contact-form] on your web page.

8.Speed Contact Bar

Speed Contact Bar

Speed Contact Bar enables your visitors to get in contact with you quickly. The plugin shows a colored bar with your contact data and social media URLs on the top of every page of your website.

9. WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti

WordPress Contact Forms by Cimatti

Forms are a must for any website. WordPress Contact Forms is the result of years of experience building and developing business websites of all sorts, focused on simplicity and power it aims at collecting as many first time contacts and leads as possible. It is ideal for both single and multiple language sites, simple blogs or complex WordPress powered Content Management Systems. If your website needs to handle thousands of contacts coming from serveral kinds of forms then our plugin is certainly an excellent choice.

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