Staggering facts about the Cricket World Cup 2015

1. From here on, if India or New Zealand win the World Cup, they will win extra Prize Money .

WC Winner’s prize money : $4.3 million

If IND or NZ win, prize money would be: $4.6 million

The rise in prize money is for the team which remains unbeaten in the tournament.

2. The Indian team jersey made by Nike has a special thing other than using 33 recylced bottles.
It is that the Nike Logo appears on right shoulder for right handed batsman and on the left side for left handed ones. While the other shoulder shows the Star logo.
So that each time a person takes stance for batting only the star logo appears to us on the front facing shoulder via the common bowler’s end camera.


3. Ireland became the only team which has chased 300+ 3 times in the World Cup- Only 5 time in the history of World Cup cricket a team successfully chased a score of 300+, and Ireland did this 3 times. Not only this 2 out of 3 incidents they chased the score against a test playing nation.

4. Team India managed to take 70 wickets in 7 matches on the trot.