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UI/UX Design | 2024

CRM Dashboard

Areness CRM

A legal agency based in New Delhi specializing in sending legal notices on behalf of popular Indian banks to individuals with overdue credit card payments.


To design an intuitive CRM dashboard that optimizes the process of managing and sending legal notices to credit card defaulters efficiently.


UX Research
UI Design


6 Months



The Challenge

The agency struggled with a cumbersome and inefficient process.

The agency struggled with a cumbersome and inefficient process for managing defaulters’ information and sending legal notices, leading to delays and decreased productivity.

Analysis revealed that the agency’s staff was overwhelmed by the manual tasks required, leading to errors and a lack of effective tracking of legal notices.

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The Solution

Adopted a user-centered design approach

Automated Notice Generation: Developed a feature to automatically populate legal notices with defaulter information, significantly reducing manual input.

Batch Processing: Enabled the dashboard to handle batch processing of notices for multiple defaulters, streamlining the workflow.

Tracking and Analytics: Integrated a tracking system to monitor the status of sent notices and an analytics dashboard for real-time reporting on agency performance.


Problems we solved


Reduction Process

Post-implementation, the agency reported a 50% reduction in the time required to process and send legal notices


Markets campaigns

Creating a full range UI/UX apps accross
the whole platform.

Lessons Learned


Navigating the complexity of legal requirements and integrating them into a user-friendly design was challenging. Continuous collaboration with legal experts and iterative testing were key to overcoming these obstacles.

Learned the importance of deeply understanding the end-user’s context and workflows in designing effective tools for specialized domains.

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